Since the Paris Agreement, international and national initiatives on ESG issues have moved to the center stage of political and corporate priorities, and actions to support public and private transition efforts to sustainability have been accelerating.

In our neighborhood, the European Union has committed in making Europe the first climate neutral continent in the world, through a transformation of our economies and societies, placing sustainability values at the heart of Europe’s growth strategy.

A just and inclusive transition to sustainability requires clear and sound international policies to respond to the challenges of this journey. And a sustainable future needs sustainable finance to play its role in mobilizing the significant investments needed from the public and private sector to achieve the agenda for sustainable development.

International initiatives and standards, as well as Europe’s new sustainable finance strategy aim at delivering the tools and measures the private sector needs to finance its transition plans, and the Hellenic Capital Market Commission aims at a fruitful discussion around the various topics of sustainable finance, amid the current geopolitical and economic upheavals.

To this end, the Hellenic Capital Market Commission is organizing "The Future of Sustainable Finance" Conference, which will be held on Wednesday, 29 June, at Megaron Karatza, in Athens. The discussions will focus on international and European sustainable finance policies, regulations and prospects, as well as a broad set of ESG topics covering business transformation strategies and funding, compliance, ESG investing and EU taxonomy.

These topics will be discussed by high level representatives, officials and experts from the public and private sector, including the Minister of Finance, the Minister of Development and Investment, the Economic Advisor to the Prime Minister, the Governor of the Bank of Greece, the Chairs of the European Supervisory Authorities (ESMA, EBA, & EIOPA), the Chairs of other European capital market authorities, the Director of OECD Directorate for Financial and Enterprise Affairs, as well as bankers, entrepreneurs, stakeholders and associations.

The Future of Sustainable Finance” Conference will be held under the Just Go Zero program.

Based on the principles of the Circular Economy, Just Go Zero program enhances the transition from the linear economy model and the production of goods to the circular one. Just Go Zero aims to reduce the environmental footprint of the conference, taking proper management of all recyclable waste of the conference, to recycle and give them a second life.